Groups and Clubs

Learn about committees and activities in our community! If you are interested in starting a club or group, or joining an existing committee, please contact the board of directors or your community manager. If you’d simply like to join a group or club, contact the organizer for more information.

Volunteers are always welcome to participate in any or all of the following committees:

Building and Grounds

We’re looking for hands-on volunteers that are willing to roll up their sleeves and assist with our ongoing effort to make our outdoor common areas shine. Landscaping, hallway renovations and other common areas are under this committee.

Budget Committee

Help plan our community’s spending while keeping our finances balanced. This group of individuals works directly with the board and management in the preparation of the fiscal year budget.


Are you the host with the most? Start a group and pitch in with your planning skills and help execute fun events the whole community will enjoy.

Covenants Committee

Help our new neighbors get acquainted with our community or assist in keeping the Park Place standards within the community.